Keep buggering on…..the latest from Book Ends

Keep buggering on

Some motivational signs in Rae Earl’s writing shed. Yes, that’s right. I was in her shed!

It’s been a while between drinks over here at Book Ends, hasn’t it?

A LOT has gone on behind the scenes though.

I’ve been rewriting my own novel, following some excellent feedback from two agents. The air is prickling with possibility. But I have had my moments of Absolutely. Freaking. Out. However, I read this brilliant thing yesterday and am attacking the MS again with renewed vigour.

It’s getting there. Slowly.

I also have recorded two episodes for the podcast on my recent trip to Australia, which will be available very soon.  I interviewed the awesome and hilarious Rae Earl, author of My Mad Fat Teenage Diary, who now lives in my home town; and Ramona Koval, writer, broadcaster and one of Australia’s most respected literary journalists….and, truth be told, the reason I started this podcast in the first place.  Sitting opposite her, with my mp3 recorder between us, sipping Greek mountain tea on a wintry Melbourne day, was one of those pinch-yourself moments.

I am thrilled with both interviews and can’t wait to share them with you.

I have also lined up some more exciting guests who will be subject to my interrogation very soon – including Gemma Burgess, who will feature on here tomorrow with a written interview to celebrate the UK publication of her latest book, Brooklyn Girls.

It’s all good in the hood in these parts, so do stay tuned!

– PM

What’s coming up….

There’s some exciting episodes lined up for the Book Ends podcast in the coming weeks. Just thought I’d give you a taster of what’s in store!

Next week, Stella Newman will be chatting to me about her debut novel, Pear Shaped, a story of love, heartbreak and delicious desserts.  Stella is not only a wonderful writer but she’s as passionate about food as I am and we had a great chat that covered everything from cookies to pasta, to Ottolenghi, and her great love, brownies.  Would you rather have an average brownie or no brownie at all? Stella will answer that question, and many more!

This week I have also had the privilege of speaking to Andrea Eames, author of two novels set in her native Zimbabwe, The Cry of The Go-Away Bird and The White Shadow; Isla Dewar, Scottish novelist who wrote Secrets of A Family Album, probably one of my favourite books of all time; and food writer Pippa Kendrick, whose first cookbook The Intolerant Gourmet hit the shelves this year and is truly one of the most beautiful and most accessible cookbooks about allergy and intolerance friendly cooking you will ever see.

I had such fun speaking to all of them and I know you’re going to love hearing what they have to say, so stay tuned each Wednesday to see who’s next.  Better yet, subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss a thing 🙂

– PM