Book Ends, Episode 5: Stella Newman

Welcome to another episode of Book Ends, the podcast for writers and book lovers. I am thrilled to welcome Stella Newman as today’s guest.

Stella’s first novel, Pear Shaped, is a tale that will make you laugh, probably make you hungry as it’s filled with delicious descriptions of food (!), but it might also make you wince with recognition too if you’ve ever had your heart broken by someone who, in hindsight, really wasn’t worth it. Described as achingly funny, searingly honest, sharp and sweet….Pear Shaped is very much like the author herself.  And not only is the novel compulsive reading – I read it in one afternoon – but it’s also a bit of a foodie’s guide to London (and New York too) in disguise.  I blame this book entirely for introducing me to Compost Cookies.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Or you can download it in iTunes 

Or download the file separately to your computer.

UPDATE 9/12/12: You can listen to this episode via SoundCloud too as the above options aren’t working at the moment!


I hope you enjoy listening to our very abridged chat!  Thank you again to Stella for having me around for tea, cookies and eventually wine…and of course my wonderful audio producer Tom for turning our three hour conversation into a far more reasonable forty odd minutes.

If you’d like to know more about Stella and her work she keeps a number of blogs – one of which features her editor’s recipe for the best ever brownies.


Stella Newman
British writer

Publications mentioned

Pear Shaped by Stella Newman (Avon, Harper Collins)

Take Care of Yourself by Sophie Calle (Actes Sud)

Heartburn by Nora Ephron (Virago)


Philippa Moore
Tom Schoon 

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